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Plugin Help 13/03/18 - Vliek - 03-13-2018

We've added alot of premium plugins today (total worth of 262,98$), special thanks to Thug life for donating 70!. I will list the features and commands about the new plugins here so you know how to use them and what they do.
Some plugins like the new paid loot plugin are not listed below.

Plugin help (new premium plugins)
- RustNET
Show ContentRustNET:

- Securitycameras
Show ContentSecuritycameras:

- Remote turrets
Show ContentRemote turrets:

- Rideable horses 
Show ContentRideable horses:

- Rotating items
Show ContentRotating dropped items:

- Advanced Sorter
Show ContentSorter:

- Carcommander
Show ContentCarcommander:

- Plane crashes
Show ContentPlane crashes:

- Lock-on rockets
Show ContentLock-on rockets:

- Bridges
Show ContentBridges:

- Improved spawnpoints
Show ContentSpawnpoints:

- Rocketturrets
Show ContentRocketturrets: