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Bots protecting monuments - Vliek - 03-12-2018

Do you guys want NPC's with guns who are protecting monuments? 

I will balance the amount of NPC's per monument.

They will have a loadout with a gun that you can harvest after you've killed a NPC.
^^ Every monument will have different loadouts and different amounts of bots so some monuments are harder to attack than the others.
For example a supermarket will only have 1 bot and the launch site 3 or more

'Bots' will not target peaceful players! They also can't be killed with melee weapons.

Bot strength:
Accuracy: 4,
Damage: 0.4,
Health: 100

Note: The bots will have a murderer model with a custom loadout.

RE: Bots protecting monuments - SlimyMelon - 03-12-2018

I think it's a good idea. It's nice to have at least some form of defence at monuments, as radiation is off.

RE: Bots protecting monuments - IceBerg187 - 03-12-2018

Yes I am keen, Then not that bad.

Also helps people with some PVP training.

Bring them one.

RE: Bots protecting monuments and ladder and twig - Albert Hoffman | - 03-12-2018

Smile Smile raid with ladders only and add in the bots just dont make them drop what gun they have Heart Heart

RE: Bots protecting monuments - Gravity - 03-12-2018

Yeah sure sounds great to get some efort to get loot. cuz the server is op yes but its called raiders for a reason.

RE: Bots protecting monuments - Vliek - 03-22-2018

Hmm we tried but many players got rekt by the bots,new players most of the time not knowing there are bots.

I've removed the plugin.