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Raiders Heaven Terms of Service

By joining our servers you have agreed to our Terms of Service (ToS) we preserve the right to modify them at any time.
If you believe someone is doing something against the further listed Terms of Service you can use /report <player> <reason> to report them to our administrators.
Try to record it or take screenshots for evidence if you can.

1) Staff Actions

Staff may teleport to you to check your activities anonymously, however they cannot interact with you or anything around you while they are doing staff duties.
Staff may interrupt your session if they believe you are breaking a server rule.
Staff are allowed to raid and interact with players when they are off duty.
Whilst staff are on duty they are allowed to use noclip and godmode, as long as they don't interact with anything.
Staff caught abusing will have their powers removed and will be banned from becoming staff, and could be permanently banned.

2) Player Actions

Players caught hacking, abusing bugs and other glitches will be banned without warning, they can appeal on the forums, with evidence.
Players are required to speak only in English in global chat.
Players are expected to respect both players and server staff.
Swearing is strictly prohibited from global chat, You will receive a strike from staff for swearing in global chat.
Spamming in chat is not allowed and will get you instantly muted and striked.

3) Donations

If a player donates, and is later banned from the server, they cannot chargeback their donation, unless they are unbanned and are given permission from the network owner.
If you initiate a chargeback, all Steam accounts associated with you will be banned and your refund shall be denied. This ban is final and will not be undone.
You cannot threaten an administrator with a donation chargeback for extra perks/privileges/unbans, this is blackmailing and will not be tolerated.

4) Building

You can build anywhere the game allows you, including caves and icebergs, however Building purposely to completely block of a loot location such as a radtown is not allowed.
No item dropping furnace farms.
Don't collapse large area of a build which could result in a server crash.
Use of the rock glitch is strictly forbidden.

5) Raiding

Anyone is allowed to raid, anyone can be raided.
Don't blow up the foundations of a large base, this may cause server complications.
No unnecessary griefing (for example placing walls, beartraps etc. inside/around the base), this will only make players salty.

6) Disclaimer

Your character and your stuff are left at your own risk.