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Jerry Ban Appeal.

Your in-game name: T.w2 | Jerryyy.p

Your steam ID: 76561198301533328        STEAM_0:0:170633800

Describe to us what happened (At least 250 words): On a new line, please!

I was told by my friends they killed an admin and got a bunch of loot then they apparently no clipped in side ther base and they lied to me so i thought admin no clipped. I started calling things and saying inaaporpirate stuff to the admin andi am VERY sorry that i did it. I said the N word i said abusive i said that he is very bad and no clipped and talked alot of trash I didnt know that my friends lied to me so i am very sorry that this has happened and i would like to be unbanned because all my friends play the server and my friends are donaters and i wmight actually donate because i kinda of really like the server all my friends play it and they say its very fun i am very sorry. I am sorry for calling names and stuff etc.

Tell us why we should consider your application: On a new line, please!
Because i am very sorry and i did not mean it they were prankikng me and i am VERY sorry i would also like to play with my friends that play on the server and i might be able to donate.

Date & time of incident:

11/12/2016 PST

Next time we catch you breaking the rules you will not be able to appeal your ban.
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]

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