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[blade_iii] Moderator application x100 server

What's your in-game name and your real name? Thomas
How old are you? 14
What country do you live in and what timezone is this? Scotland
How did you find Raiders Heaven? A group of friends
Do you use a microphone? I do have a working mic i am willing to join teamspeak

Have you ever been a staff member on any other rust servers? Yes i have ive been admin on some server and ive had 2 servers 

How long have you been playing on our servers? About 10 hours of fun 
Do you work well with new people? Yes i do i own a gaming commuinity my self so i must be 
Why do you want to become staff on Raiders Heaven Id like to be a admin to make the x100 server more populated and more raid/building/pvp and banter i would be useful with the commands chat moderating the chat and following the server rules we have noone to reenforce the great i would not abuse my powers because i am used to being a moderator and i wouldnt drag the server down i would make it great ive also seen alot of spam and caps on the server and foundation wipe witch is against the server rules id like to stop that and moderate the server so people follow the simple rules.

If your application is approved how many hours per day will you put into your role? i could put in 10 hours a day for this server 

Do you know what we offer on our servers to normal players as well as donating members? You give people a previlage to be on the server and we give kits and also a peaceful chat 
what language are you supposed to use on our servers to communicate with players and staff? Not to be a cancerous little child to our uppers and our players.
What would you do if you find out about a staff member abusing and found considerable evidence? I would talk to owner of the server/commuity and post the form like i am surposed to 
Your friends join the server and want you to give them some services only a moderator can provide, how do you respond to it? I would tell them to learn to play the game without being for admin powers or help from your friend thats admin

Someone is repetitively breaking our terms of service, what do you do to stop this? I would tell a higher up not do anything my self i am not there to judge just moderate
A player messages you about their ban, what do you do? i would say there must of been a reason for your ban 

Anything else you would like to add?  I like to play guitar in my spare time and i mostly play rust and warframe witch i both own a clan /commuinity

PS i am deslic so its pretty hard for me to write this 
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]

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