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mod application

What's your in-game name and your real name? Leanardo de-caprison is my ign and my real name is Hugo Dixon.
How old are you? 14
What country do you live in and what timezone is this? England GMT
How did you find Raiders Heaven? I was looking for a server with a nice community and easy to start out and i stumbled apon it.
Do you use a microphone? yes.
Have you ever been a staff member on any other rust servers? I've been an admin on a Reign of kings server and a helper on a rust server
How long have you been playing on our servers? End of September (i think)
Do you work well with new people? I do work well with people, i know when to strike and time people out
Why do you want to become staff on Raiders Heaven? Id like to help out and make the community better and i think a picture is worth at least one thousand words so heres a picture of some one with retarded glasses  Cool
evening after school from about 4-8 depending on which house i am at (mothers or fathers)

This section will ask you questions about your knowledge, no help/instruction is given.
Do you know what we offer on our servers to normal players as well as donating members? minecraft limtd addition
What language are you supposed to use on our servers to communicate with players and staff? english/american english
What would you do if you find out about a staff member abusing and found considerable evidence? contact vliek
Your friends join the server and want you to give them some services only a moderator can provide, how do you respond to it? i dont have any friends so it wouldn't happen Sad
Someone is repetitively breaking our terms of service, what do you do to stop this? contact vliek and report what happend then ask if i sohuld ban him/her/it
A player messages you about their ban, what do you do? say i cant do anything
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