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LUNA application for 1ooooX

Title : moos077  x10000 

Application for moderator:

What's your in-game name and your real name?: 
IGN: Luna, RealNm Moos

How old are you? 

What country and timezone: 
The Netherlands GMT+2

How did you find Raiders Heaven?

Do you use a microphone?
Yes I do

Have you ever been a staff member on any other rust servers? 
Yes but I used to use rcontool rusty so not so.used to ingame command yet but do know most

How long have you been playing on our servers? How long have you played on Raiders Heaven, 
dont know. For. While now

Do you work well with new people? Every succcesfull business is run by coming to a mutual understanding so yes

Why do you want to become staff on Raiders Heaven? 
Well I would wanna help out more then just play I gues and fun to be party of a growing community I like to be able to help new ppl and solv problems allong side the raiders heaven community although I might be new to some things im used to being responsible I have my.own arma 3 server and am co owner of a rust server but that I dont put time in I have ppl for that but thats also whhy I would like to do more and raidersheavem is my place to be (+_+)

how many hours per day will you put into your role? 4hours max perday probaly not everyday but weeekends longs around dinner time mostly

Do you know what we offer on our servers to normal players as well as donating members? 

What language are you supposed to use on our servers to communicate with players and staff? 
English only in main chat

What would you do if you find out about a staff member abusing and found considerable evidence? 
Record probaly and report to vliek like usuallyxD

Your friends join the server and wants you to give them some services only a moderator can provide, how do you respond to it?
Excuse me but Just no if they kept asking strike them

Someone is repetitively breaking our terms of service, what do you do to stop this? 
Warn them and explain what they did so they wont do it agen other wise strike or kick or even ban depending on the offence

A player messages you about their ban, what do you do?
Redirect them to the forum

Anything else you would like to add? Im maried so life sucks xD hahahha joking I love soccer and gaming and cats and hardware amd software and tree,s and love Fooooood 

Ps.   Alitle riddle for you

Everyone has it. Those who have it least don’t know that they have it. Those who have it most wish they had less of it, But not too little or none at all

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