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Staff Application By T.s

What's your in-game name and your real name?  My in game name is T.s in real Life my name is Jimmy.
How old are you? I am 14-15 years old.
What country do you live in and what timezone is this? I Live in Greece is now 10:51 Pm.
How did you find Raiders Heaven? I was searching for any kind of servers I don't relly care and I found thise server so I joined it.
Do you use a microphone? Yes I use the microphone all the time.

Have you ever been a staff member on any other rust servers? I own 2 server public and I have experience with everything like plugins,coding,Helping.
How long have you been playing on our servers? I haven't play a lot but I am gonna start playing so match.

Do you work well with new people? Ya I can do that.
Why do you want to become staff on Raiders Heaven? To Help the server and play but I am working a lot on coding and plugins more.
If your application is approved how many hours per day will you put into your role? I will play if I don't even get accept it ill be playing 8-12 hours a day.

Do you know what we offer on our servers to normal players as well as donating members? No I don't know that yet.
What language are you supposed to use on our servers to communicate with players and staff? I have to speak English and not swearing that I never do only some times on horror games.
What would you do if you find out about a staff member abusing and found considerable evidence? I am gonna video or screenshot if I cant do that ill call a Higther staff member to help.
Your friends join the server and want you to give them some services only a moderator can provide, how do you respond to it? I think they gonna ask for rank so I am gonna say them to Apply in and some of them they will do it and if I relly like thise server I can make it public with so many people.
Someone is repetitively breaking our terms of service, what do you do to stop this? Ill tell him to stop if his not I may have to ban him but I don't relly wanna do that to get people off the server but if is my duty ill have to do it.
A player messages you about their ban, what do you do? I am gonna ask them what they did if they lie I will ignore I am just gonna check what they did from forums or from ather admins,owners.

Anything else you would like to add? I play Rust like crazy and I was doing 5-6 years Karate in my real life.
Thanks for the application TS, however you failed to put the server your applying for in the posts title, thats okay. If you could join teamspeak with your nickname so we can interview you.
Thank you for applying, sadly your application has been rejected and you won't be making it into our staff team this time, you can reattempt in a fortnight. 

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