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Moderator App! Crazy Clown! Raiders Heaven x10000

Name/In-game Name: My real name is Markus But call me Crazy Clown!
Age: Im 15 years old and have a squeeky voice!
Country/Timezone: I live in Norway!
What server are you applying for? x10000
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language (If Any): Norway
Do you have a microphone?: Yes i have a mic!
Are you willing to install and use TeamSpeak?: Yes already instaled!
How many hours do you have on Rust?: 108 Hours!
How many of those hours are spent on Raiders Heaven?: 100 Hours!
If accepted, how many hours can you contribute per day: 5-6 Hours!
Are you able to record?: I can but don't expect some good shit!
In NO LESS than 250 words, explain why you should be considered for a Moderator position: (on a new line please)

Ok im starting off with, Hi my name is Markus/Crazy Clown. I live in Norway and LOVE Gaming, The most thing i play is rust. rust is one of my favorite games and i spend alot of time on Raiders Heaven. My favorite thing to do is playing with other's, but my friend's Dosen't like this server but i love it! but there is one thing and that is that i have a disease called migraine, It makes me get verry bad headache. And sometimes i can't play but i always push myself to play. I love helping communitys! I like to sit and relax and just watch other have fun and play like normal, I have been moderator on 1 server but it is down :/. I respect everyone and i hope they respect me back, i am Competetive but not that much. i like to get new friends and have fun with other players. But one thing is i have seen and heard about mod's and admin disrespecting People and greif other People and Abuse, I can just say im not gonna abuse if i get mod and im not gonna disrespect people and grief, im not gonna say anny names but yeah. If i get mod my life should be complete, Im just joking but yeah i want to be mod and have fun with the other players and staff i have some friends in the staff and they are Unarmed_Turtle And Tomster1400, They are not my irl friends, just someone i have knowed now for a while. I don't got more much to say but Bye, I hope i see u in the future! Signed By Markus/Crazy Clown!
Markus.A.Eriksen Big Grin
We've recently changed over our application template, sadly were going to need you to change your application over.

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