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apllying for Mod

Name/In-game Name: Luna
Age: 24
Country/Timezone: Amsterdam GMT+1
What server are you applying for?  x10000
Primary Language: Dutch
Secondary Language (If Any): [b]English, German [/b]
Do you have a microphone?: Yes
Are you willing to install and use TeamSpeak?: Yes 
How many hours do you have on Rust?:213 hours
How many of those hours are spent on Raiders Heaven?: 200
If accepted, how many hours can you contribute per day: 7-14
Are you able to record?: could if need be
In NO LESS than 250 words, explain why you should be considered for a Moderator position: 

First off all hi, 

im gonna keep it short i like rust i like raiders heaven i would like to be a mod for many reasons 1 i would like to help newbies get started bye giving them a well build base cuz most ppl that play onthis server they build a base in like 3 to 4 hours then go off next day base raided cuz they cant build fast. an other reason is i just notice im online alot alot cuz well yea my life is simple i work come home eat fck and play xDhaha.
so yea i just wanna make the server better i gues but for that we gonna need to stick our heads toghter and come up with a plan and i like to contribute to that plan.

greetings from the Netherlands xxD

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how did u get that picture? :/
(10-08-2016, 06:53 PM)tomster1400 Wrote: how did u get that picture? :/

you made it
Please use 250 words and your application will be reassessed.

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