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Azbo's Application for mod [x10000]

Name/In-game Name: Please use the name that most players know you by
Age: Our minimum age is 14 (no exceptions to be made)
Country/Timezone: Example, United Kingdom GMT+0
What server are you applying for? x100 or x10000
Primary Language: Preferably English, as the server is a European server
Secondary Language (If Any):
Do you have a microphone?: Yes/No
Are you willing to install and use TeamSpeak?: Yes/No
How many hours do you have on Rust?:
How many of those hours are spent on Raiders Heaven?:
If accepted, how many hours can you contribute per day: 
Are you able to record?: This is useful for evidence, however, it is not needed if not possible. 

Hello I am Azbo Nieklan Or prefered as Azbo.
I am by the age of 14 SO I thought... Ill sign up!
I Am Just a suburb boy In USA PennsyleVania so I think I might be the first mod American... If  Im elected
I am on the x10000 server thought it would be cool so I sign up
I am english not any other languages since I dont really Travel much!
I do not have a microphone though you can pm me the problem if needed and I can hear people talk
I dont think Ill be Using Teamspeak unless Needed by Dawid
I have played on this game for 94 hours
On this server I have played for 7 hours [Pretty cool server]
I would contribute for 5 hours if school time and if not school Ill be on for 14 hours unless I get bored [Sometimes]
I would record and send it to dawid if I do not know what to do.

The Reason Why I want to be a mod Is I seen on GMod some admins and I saw on rust Ive helped a server once and I was told exellently And I want to support the server from DDOSING People and hackers and I just want this server to be like one of those good Neighborhoods and when there is a Problem Id be happy to assist but I have a bit of experience as mod on rust Ive been On Jarls Rust Donor Mod But back to the point ok This server looks already well protected but I want to assist the protection  in case of a big problem and I dont want to be the bystander... I want to be the Helper and I seen how admins and what they do on the rust servers and I thought... "Pretty Cool If I was a admin I would help and help lower timed admins!" And this would be a big help to Dawids crew and make sure the server dont shut down from a DDOS and If I do become a mod I would help alot on this server Raiders Heaven so this is why I want to be a admin on this such great server! I would be honored to help this server alot. The End! Smile
We are very sorry, your application has been declined due to the fact that we have found another applicant that really stood out, over you.


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