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Name/In-game Name: Please use the name that most players know you by LuckyHD
Age: Our minimum age is 14 (no exceptions to be made) 16
Country/Timezone: Example, United Kingdom GMT+0
What server are you applying for? x100 or x10000 x10000
Primary Language: Preferably English, as the server is a European server English
Secondary Language (If Any):
Do you have a microphone?: Yes/No yes
Are you willing to install and use TeamSpeak?: Yes/No yes
How many hours do you have on Rust?: 21
How many of those hours are spent on Raiders Heaven?:20
If accepted, how many hours can you contribute per day:3
Are you able to record?: This is useful for evidence, however, it is not needed if not possible. yes I am a YouTuber and I record on your server 
In NO LESS than 250 words, explain why you should be considered for a Moderator position: (on a new line please)
I really like this server and I spend about three hours a day on it, I have noticed that sometimes when I am playing some people ask for mods and they are not there so I thought I might b able to help the server in every way I can because sometimes you must have your hand full.
Thanks for your time, From LuckyHD 
Not using 250 word, please edit it or it will be declined.
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]
Your application has been denied since you have not edited your amount of words in the last question.


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