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!Posting your own "Tips, Tricks and Advice"

With this forum we want players to be able to create there own tutorials on how others could do something in game.

So when creating your tutorials, we'd like to see a lot of detail in your post, this can include videos and images and what ever else you'd want to use Smile
They need to be understandable and easy to follow, so if your explaining how to make a circular foundation, step by step instructions are helpful.
They shouldn't show people how to break rules and your post should abide by our normal chat rules like in game.
We do not want to see, rushed and hard to understand tutorials or if they contain inappropriate content. We will just remove these posts.

However if a tutorial is really well done we'll "frame it" and make it a locked thread where it will sort above other non-moderated tutorials.

We hope to see some amazing tutorials on here, good luck!

 ~ Unarmed_Turtle & The RH Staff Team ~

[Image: xyQQd1t.png]

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