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Tomster's App

IGN: Tomster1400 / Tommy

Age: 15

Country / timezone: England GMT+0

Why i want to become a admin? Well, personally i really enjoy rust, and i would really like to help the community as i have done in the past,  i would enjoy just randomly checking up on people to see what they're up to, have a nice little chat, and just do my own ING thing, but I have 1st hand experience as of what hacking in rust looks like, as i have actually managed to get someone to screenshare me their hacks on rust ( I can keep calm under pressure, keep cool when it comes to people flipping me off, I have a in depth knowledge of the game's mechanics, (i actually know the ever single weapon's damage from hs and Bs). but it would also help to have someone as admin who has known vliek, for just about a year and a bit now, as well as being on the old server through everything.

What do you think YOU could bring to the staff team? In depth game knowledge, good suggestions, a actual member? Tongue, a active communicator, dedication, teamwork. Anything i can really do to help the community, i will do Tongue  I also know all of the rules of by heart... As many people have seen me ingame they would instantly recognise me and know that i'm friendly and also a helpful player not just a admin, this would bring good words about the admin team instead of the classic "ABUSE ABUSE RAID".  As a long term player 

Do you have a mic and wish to use TS3/Skype/Discord? Yes i do c: I already use all 3 and have knowledge in all of them! Big Grin

If a player or admin was to break a rule such as abuse or ask for something to be spawned in, what would you do?
If a player was to ask me to spawn stuff in, i would tell the a stern No, i cannot do that, i don't have the permissions, and even if i could i still wouldn't do it. If said person was to continue to ask me i would mute them for 15 minutes and say if you ask after that i will kick you, if continued then it will become a kickban for 30 minutes, giving video proof to anyone that needed it. If a admin was to abuse his powers, i would record said abuse, ban him from the server to  stop more harm being done, and provide vliek with the proof of his abuse.

If a player was being a nuisance, like spamming chat or speaking a different language what would you do? 
I would warn the player if his actions are continued he will lead to a mute or a kick depending on the situation, if he joined back/unmuted i would ask vliek for further advice on the situation or if a higher up or vliek was not online. i would do what i seem fit for the situation.
How many hours have you got in rust?
2000+ hours currently c:

Other Ways of contacting me?
Steam/skype/ts3/discord/email/ im active on all of them. 
Anything else you would wish to tell us - being vliek?  Not really, only that i'm starting GCSEs' and that I extensively play PC Tongue 

I need to put more detail in that, but as there isn't a template i couldn't really do well :/
Please try to put more detail in it like you said, without a template.
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]
Please do it before 24 hours passed, your app will be declined by then.
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]
(06-02-2017, 06:02 PM)Vliek Wrote: Please try to put more detail in it like you said, without a template.

i made that template myself Tongue
You will never be staff on this server tomster , because you are a cunt.
(06-18-2017, 12:36 PM)ß L Φ B Wrote: You will never be staff on this server tomster , because you are a cunt.

And you will never be on this forum again.

Tom, we're sorry but your application has been declined.
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]

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