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Useful commands

Big Grin 
In game you can access a variety of commands which you may not know about.

In this simple tutorial we'll be going through useful commands you may want to use Smile

"/tpr <name>" : Sends a teleport request to the selected player.
"/tpa" : Accepts the most recent teleport request.
"/tpc" : Cancels the most recent teleport request, including incoming and outgoing teleports.
"/sethome <name>" or "/home add <name>" : Sets your current location to your home with the name you provide.
"/home <name>" : Teleports you to your home with the name you provide.
"/bgrade 0" : Disables auto upgrading of placed parts.
"/bgrade <1-4>" : Enables Build Grade, which is the automatic upgrading of parts you place. 1=Wood, 2=Stone, 3=Sheet Metal, 4=Armoured. 
"/ad" : Disables the automatic door closing.
"/ad <5-30>" : Enables automatic door closing with delays varied from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
"/s" : Bring up the server store.
"/players" : Lists all the players currently online.
"/admins" : Lists all the server staff currently available.
"/sil <URL>" : Allows you to put a image on a sign, make sure they follow server rules and the url isn't too long.
"/pm <name> <message>" : Sends a message to a specified player.
"/clan help" : Shows you all the commands from our clans system, this can guide you in creating your own clan.
"/c <message>" : Send a message to your clan members. 
"/kit" : Brings up our kit interface where you can view and redeem any available kits.
"/kit <name>" Redeems the specified kit.
"/buystrike computer" Calls an airstrike on your position.

Ill be adding new commands here as they become available Smile
[Image: 0UtCqb1.gif]

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