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Mod Application, Houseduck for x10k

What's your in-game name and your real name? IRL Name: Otto. I'd rather not share my last name. IGN: Houseduck
How old are you? Im 13 years old, born 3rd july 2003.

What country do you live in and what timezone is this?  Im from Copenhagen in Denmark. My timezone is central european time. By the way my english is fine.
How did you find Raiders Heaven? My friend Toys R' Ust (ayyy shoutout to him) showed me the server and i COMPLETELY fell in love. Then later that day i figured out that my good pal PR3D4TOR was the Co-Owner of this server, wich made me feel like this was the place i was gonna stay for a long time.
Do you use a microphone? Yes, i have a microphone but its not that good. I love talking to people but im a bit of a squeaker Wink

Have you ever been a staff member on any other rust servers? I have been a moderator on a Rust Legacy server.
How long have you been playing on our servers? I think maybe 7-8 hours if not more.
Do you work well with new people? Well, i try. I love taking in freshspawning players and helping people out.
Why do you want to become staff on Raiders Heaven?  I like helping out people as much as i can, and i personally think i would be a good moderator to help out the servers population. I also love having fun, running around and talking with people about ANYTHING! I would like to help out with getting rid of hackers, (by the way, i havent seen one obvious hacker yet, good job admins!) people that are using unallowed glitches, and most of all, people who are disrespecting staff and players. I also want to help people out if they have any suggestions, like making the items in town cheaper. School is here, wich takes up a bit of my time, but i will try to get on as much as i can to help people out. The main reason i would like to be a staff is because, like i said, there aren't alot of admins on to help out with peoples problems, and i feel like i could be the one for helping out. The biggest problem could be that i dont know alot of commands, but i think i can learn alot of them quickly enough for me to get on track easily. I love being in clans, and in the future i might join some clans to help them out and then jump around from clan to clan.
If your application is approved how many hours per day will you put into your role? For now i cant play every second week, but after christmas i will have a laptop so i can stay on and play. In the weekends and in weekdays i will be on, but mostly in the weekends.

Do you know what we offer on our servers to normal players as well as donating members? Yes. I will in a few days definently donate to this server to keep it up and running. I know pretty much everything that is offered.
What language are you supposed to use on our servers to communicate with players and staff? English only.
What would you do if you find out about a staff member abusing and found considerable evidence? I will send a message about it to Vliek or PR3D4TOR and talk to them about it, or figure it out myself.
Your friends join the server and want you to give them some services only a moderator can provide, how do you respond to it? I wont do it for them no matter what because that would be abusing your powers as a moderator.
Someone is repetitively breaking our terms of service, what do you do to stop this? I will temporarily ban them or kick them.
A player messages you about their ban, what do you do? I will tell them to make a thread about it on our website. 

Anything else you would like to add? Well, im Otto, i love playing badminton if anyone else does so! Oh by the way i also LOVE football.

Although you have only been playing the server for roughly a day, from knowing you from like 2 years ago on Garry's Mod, I know you'll be a great addition to the staff team.
Furthermore, your application is brilliant and I can't really spot any faults, plus I know you'll be very active.

We need players like you to apply for staff.

Good Luck,
- Jack
[Image: n2iMacV.png]
Thanks man.
"No homo we smokin' penises!" - young thug 2011
Great app dude i think u would fit in the raiders heaven staff really nicely.

Good Luck 
Congratulations, your application has been accepted.
[Image: n2iMacV.png]

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