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Full Version: Tournament - 22/9/16
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The server event will start at 5PM GMT+0 (UK Time)
To participate in the event by posting a reply here, you'll be matched with someone else.

In the event you will be given 1x Assault Rifle, with enough ammo to last Wink. 
To wear you'll be given some pants, a metal chest plate, a road sign kilt, a metal facemask, hoodie and boots.
And for melee you'll have a longsword Smile

You will have to beat your partner in a best of 3 to counter map balancing issues.

The Arena, built by Spartan

[Image: WrCibQP.jpg]

The rewards are as of yet disclosed.

Good luck!


I think this is the reply place, but im in


can we move the time forward like an hour due to me getting home around 5, wouldnt be able to particapate, but i would love to